So Why Choose ASU Law CLE?


Ease & Convenience

Upcoming Live Seminars

Please click here for a listing of upcoming seminars that ASU Law CLE and the ASU College of Law offers. We offer live seminars in several formats and delivery methods to provide the option that is right for you. If you prefer to attend programs in person, this is just right for you.

Upcoming Live Webcasts & Webinars

For those that prefer the ease and convenience of a live streaming format, we provide this to you in several topic areas as well as full day, half day, and lunchtime webinars to fit your schedule. This option gives you back time lost in commuting and being out of the office for longer periods of time.

OnDemand Recorded Seminars

If you are one that needs the flexibility that ondemand programming provides, our ondemand recorded seminars allow you to watch anytime, anywhere to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Our process for obtaining the certificate has changed, so please see our updated instructions to avoid issues or delays in receiving your certificate.

Bold Innovation & Affordability


ActiviCLE: Work Life Balance Made Easy

ASU Law CLE understands that the career lifestyle of the average attorney leaves very little time for a work-life balance and the ability to enjoy hobbies and pastimes. We have developed a new nuance to CLE programming that allows you to combine the enjoyment of hobbies and pastimes as well as taking care of the nagging continuing education requirements.

CLE A-La-Carte: Personalized OnDemand CLE

Is your field of expertise in more than one practice area? If so than this might be the option for you. We are developing the ability to personalize your ondemand CLE experience by allowing you to add to your shopping cart any snippet CLE seminar to fit your needs and interest. All for the same price as our full day seminars providing flexibility and affordability.

ASU Law Alumni Give What You Want Pricing

As a way of giving back to our Alumni, we have adopted a Give What You Want Pricing structure that allows Alumni to pay what they can afford or desire to pay. This is considered a charitable donation and can be tax deductible while at the same time continues to raise funds for student scholarships. We also have occasions where we offer this pricing to all active attorneys as a way of giving back to this community.

Helpful Information & Links

How Do I Obtain Interactive Credit for OnDemand Recorded Seminars

If you are new or a regular viewer of ASU Law CLE onDemand programming, please check out our instructions on how to obtain a certificate of completion. Our procedure has changed to provide a more user friendly and efficient experience watching and receiving your certificate.

FAQs About ASU Law CLE onDemand Recorded Seminars

This may answer many of the questions you have regarding our onDemand programming such as: Do they qualify for interactive credt, can I watch part of the seminar and come back later to watch the rest, and more. This will also provide the opportunity to ask unanswered questions in our contact form.

The Key to a User Friendly Live Streaming Experience - Troubleshooting Tips

The problem with the live streaming delivery method, is that you can encounter a number of issues prohibiting you from watching or leaving you frustrated and unsatisfied. We aren't all tech savvy so how can we avoid these issues quickly without IT assistance? Click here to discover common issues that attendees experience and how to fix them quickly.

What's New and Latest Updates

This page will allow you to keep updated with the newest news regarding ASU Law CLE and the ASU College of Law. You can also visit this webpage to stay current with our latest changes and updates.

Other Useful or of Interest Links

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