02/20/14 Technology and the Practice of Law:

“This was a really good seminar.  I appreciated the technical information from both Beits Livneh, and Kelly Jones, but for me,  Lynda Shely was the best.  She gave good, practical ethics advice in such a witty way, I really appreciated it.”
“My best take-away from the program:  1. My ipad is seriously under-utilized or maybe wrongly utilized.  I need to use something like good reader for case law and I can always have it with me that way.
2. The rules on cameras in the courtroom was very interesting, as I had no idea about that at all.
3. The data leak prevention information and the exchange mailboxes and using public wireless networks being unsafe are all eye openers and are going to be topics of discussion with my IT guy next week.
4. Everything Linda Shely says is a goldmine and requires me to do lots of work to update fee agreements.
5. Ruth Carter’s entire presentation was also fabulous.  I am going to sign up and start tweeting, just to follow her.  She actually reaffirmed why I don’t post anything on social media, it’s too scary for those of us who don’t know all the rules.
It really was a great seminar.”
“I enjoyed the webcast.  The best takeaways I had from the program were: (1) Joseph Kanefield’s recommendation of GoodReader for the iPad; (2) Lynda Shely’s recommendations concerning things that I need to put in my fee agreements about my storage of electronic documents (including email) and cloud storage (although none of the presenters mentioned the use of encryption software in connection with Dropbox or GoogleDocs as a reasonable step to ensure that the data is safeguarded); and
(3) Although I do not utilize social media in connection with my practice, or practice in the area, I enjoyed Ms. Carter’s presentation about the legal side of social media.”
“I really enjoyed it, actually more than I thought I would, and also took away quite a bit of new and helpful information.  I learned quite a few useful things and would highly recommend this seminar to every attorney in Arizona.”
“That was a really good CLE.  I loved it, I wish I could watch it again.”
Working in an entirely paperless practice, I found last Thursday’s seminar quite helpful.  In the future, I would be very interested in an extended presentation about the hidden ethical hurdles of an entirely paperless, technology-driven practice.  While social media and the effectiveness of an I-pad were eye-openers for me, what really grabbed my attention was the quick bit about making sure engagement letters address a client’s potential for 3rd party prohibitions on cloud storage.  Most of us who’ve been around long enough to remember thermal-paper fax machines come into the technology at our own pace, but the ethical implications are immediate and can’t be ignored.  Thanks again for a good program.”

1/10/14 Beyond Theory and Toward Implementation: What You Need to Know Now About the Affordable Care Act

“Very interesting topic”
“Overall, an excellent seminar.  Pertinent information on a very important law.  Shed light on a complicated & often messy law.”
“Great coverage of the ACA”
“Timely and interesting”
“Very knowledgeable panel and very interesting”
“Impressive list of speakers, well thought out, planned, etc.”
“Great job”
“Good overview bringing national issues to local realities.”
“Very good seminar.”
“Excellent job putting everything together”
“Exceptional, impressive speakers.”
“Very timely!  I start teaching a “Legal Issues in Healthcare” class this semester that has no textbook.  This information helps greatly!”
“Timely, good general coverage.  On-time performance greatly appreciated!”
“The best CLE seminar I have ever attended!  Great speakers – experts in their fields”
“Speakers were well informed and the information was very helpful”

11/6/13 Fears, Firearms, and Fundamental Rights.  Who Wins?

“I enjoyed the passion of the speaker. I think it enhanced the quality of the seminar” “Awesome, worth the price of admission” “Great, current topic and I liked hearing the different views and that the presenters weren’t afraid to confront and challenge each other” “Really enjoyed the clear, crisp analysis”

5/23/13 Movie Matinee – An Evidence Afternoon at the Movies

“Excellent subject matter and presentation” “Good refresher on rules and evidence, a pleasant atmosphere.” “Great job and keep up the good work”

9/21/12 Current Developments in Mental Health and Elder Law Practice

“Nice variety of topics. Speakers kept audience engaged. Meaningful topics to elder law.” “Excellent.  Useful” “Great, outstanding” “Great subject” “I learned a lot” “Learned about a lot of useful outside resources available to us” “Enjoyed it!”

3/22/12 Best Practices for Getting Hired and Succeeding as a Small-Firm Attorney

“Very good materials”
“Awesome, useful information about Westlaw”
“Great insight on pros/cons of your own firm”
“Very interesting and helpful”